Leica Nova MS50 R2000 MultiStation

Leica Nova MS50 R2000 MultiStation


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Leica Nova MS50 R2000 MultiStation.
Scanning Total Station with SmartWorx

used, full working order and excellent condition, recently tested by Leica
CS15 Version: 5.70.1671, SmartWorx Software installed

1X Leica Nova Multi-Station MS50 1” R2000. 
1X GDF321 tribrach.
1X Leica Viva CS15 3.5G Field Controller
3X GEB212 batteries.
3X GEB242 batteries.
1X GKL221 battery charger (4 x bay battery charger).
1X GKL311 battery charger (1 x bay battery charger).
1X GRZ122 360° Prism.
1X Leica pole clamp & holder for CS15.

CS15 Controller:
SmartWorx Viva: SmartWorx Viva Full
GS08 Time limited: Unlimited
GS08 Purchase Mode: Time limited
GS08 RTK No area limitation : Yes
GS12 Purchase Mode: Time limited
GS12 Time limited: Unlimited
GS12 RTK No area limitation : Yes

Software Options
781486 SmartWorx Viva CS Imaging Licence

767915 CS Reference Line app
767916 CS Ref. Plane & Grid Scanning app
767917 SmartWorx Viva CS COGO Area Division app
767918 CS Survey Cross Section app
767919 SmartWorx Viva CS DTM Stakeout app.
767920 SmartWorx Viva CS Surface & Volumes app.
767926 SmartWorx Viva CS Hidden Point app.
767927 SmartWorx Viva CS Traverse app.
767929 CS Survey Sets of Angles app Key



The Leica Nova MS50 integrates 3D point cloud measurements into a regular survey workflow. This lets you collect and visualise your topographic survey data together with detailed high-precision scans. Save time by checking your data for integrity and relevance and avoid costly reworking or returns to the field. Benefit from better decisions with richer and more detailed data.


The Leica Nova MS50 provides proven total station functionality with superior sensor integration for highest precision, performance and full automation of measurement procedures. Together with the benefits of GNSS connectivity, the Leica Nova MS50 offers complete versatility by delivering reliable results wherever and whenever you need them.


The Leica Nova MS50 features an overview camera and a telescope camera with 30x magnification and autofocus. State-of-the art image processing technology delivers live fluid video streaming of highest image quality. The imaging capabilities of the Leica Nova MS50 open up new opportunities of operating the MultiStation in an almost infinite range of applications.