Trimble S8-1 Robotic Total Station Mint Condition

Trimble S8-1 Robotic Total Station Mint Condition


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Trimble S8 1” High Precision Robotic Total Station - Full Calibration and Firmware Update, Firmware Version R12.4.17, 1 Second Accuracy (with Autolock, Laser, Robotic), 2.4 GHz Internal Radio with Antenna.

manufacture: 2012
Condition: used, excellent condition.
New Calibration certificate
TSC3 Data Collector: Access Version 2014.20 Software, Enabled (General Survey, Equipment Manager, and AccessSync), 2.4 GHz Internal Radio and Antenna

Trimble S8-1 Robotic Total Station Includes:
- 1X Trimble S8 1” Sec Robotic Total Station
- 1X Trimble 360° Prism
- 1X Trimble S8 Hard Case
- 1X Trimble TSC3 Data Collector
- 1X Rod Mounting Bracket
- 5X Screen Protectors
- 1X Charger
- 1X USB Data Cable
- 2X Styluses
- 1X Trimble TSC3 Soft Case

Power Pack:
- 3X New Trimble Total Station Li Ion Batteries
- 1X Trimble Multi Battery Adaptor
- 1X Trimble Multi Battery Charger With AC Adaptor
- 1X Trimble Hirose Data Cable
- 1X Trimble Hirose to USB Data Cable
- 1X Trimble Hard Transport Case

- 1X New Trimble Seco Tri-Max Tripod
- 1X New Trimble Carbon Fiber Prism Rod
- 1X New Adjustable Bipod

Trimble S8 Total Station

Delivering major workflow innovations for both typical surveying and specialized applications, you now have the power to redefine your performance potential.

For typical survey tasks, choose the 1” angle accuracy and exceptional EDM range of Trimble DR Plus™. Extend your reach on the job for increased production from fewer setups.

Trimble Business Center office software provides a complete range of processing and analysis tools. Together with the Trimble S8 Total Station, you have the most comprehensive solution for general surveying available today.

Video-Assisted Control
Trimble VISION™ gives you the power to see everything the S8 Total Station sees without a trip back to the tripod. Direct your survey with live video images on the controller. Now you are free to capture measurements, to prism or reflectorless surfaces, with point-andclick efficiency.

Visual Verification
The on-board camera integrates surveyed data with the live scene image, so you can verify the work that you’ve done before leaving the job. Calibrated photo documentation provides customers with deliverables they know they can trust.

Trimble MagDrive™ Servo Technology provides for exceptional speed and accuracy with smooth, silent operation.

Trimble SurePoint™ Technology ensures accurate measurements by automatically correcting for unwanted movement due to wind, sinkage, and other factors.

For precision-build applications, you need a measurement solution with optimal speed, accuracy and reliability Combine the Trimble DR HP Precision EDM with your choice of angular accuracies and Trimble VISION or Long Range FineLock and you have the flexibility to tackle the most demanding projects.

Specialized modules in Trimble Access™ software such as Tunnels, Monitoring, or Mines provide dedicated workflows. Trimble 4D Control™ provides a comprehensive solution for the management of monitoring projects—both real time and post-processed—to rapidly detect critical structural movements.

Trimble finelock™ Technology
Trimble finelock™ Technology Detect targets without interference from surrounding prisms for high precision applications in close quarters such as rail alignment, deformation monitoring, and tunneling applications. The Trimble Long-Range FineLock option extends this functionality to 2500 m with 1 cm accuracy.


  • Visually mark points, at greater range, in tunnels or undergound mines with the Class 3R Laser Pointer.
  • Automatic Servo focus sets the optical focus for quick manual aiming when monitoring points in DR mode – with Trimble Access.
  • Silent, frictionless movement ensures unobtrusive operation in urban or residential settings.

Trimble S8 Total Station Specifications:

Angle measurement accuracy (standard deviation based on DIN 18723) 0.5” (0.15 mgon) or 1” (0.3 mgon)
Distance measurement
Accuracy (RMSE)
Prism mode
Standard: 1 mm + 1 ppm (0.003 ft + 1 ppm)
Standard deviation according to ISO17123-4: 0.8 mm + 1 ppm (0.0026 ft +1 ppm)
Tracking: 5 mm + 2 ppm (0.016 ft + 2 ppm)
DR mode Standard measurement: 3 mm + 2 ppm (0.01 ft + 2 ppm)
Tracking.: 10 mm + 2 ppm (0.032 ft + 2 ppm)
Measuring time
Prism mode
Standard: 2.5 s
Tracking: 0.4s
Averaged observations: 2.5 s per measurement
DR mode Standard: 3–15 s
Tracking: 0.4 s
Prism mode
1 prism: 3,000 m (9,800 ft)
1 prism Long Range mode: 5,000 m (16,400 ft)
3 prism Long Range mode: 7,000 m (23,000 ft)
Shortest range: 1.5 m (4.9 ft)
Light source Laserdiode 660 nm; Laser class 1 in Prism mode Laser class 2 in DR mode
Laser pointer coaxial (standard) Laser class 2
Laser pointer non-coaxial (not available in all models) Laser class 3R
Beam divergence Prism mode Horizontal: 4 cm/100 m (0.13 ft/328 ft)
Vertical: 4 cm/100 m (0.13 ft/328 ft)
Beam divergence DR mode Horizontal: 2 cm/50 m (0.066 ft/164 ft)
Vertical: 2 cm/50 m (0.066 ft/164 ft)
Atmospheric correction –130 ppm to 160 ppm continuously
Leveling Circular level in tribrach: 8'/2 mm (8'/0.007 ft)
Automatic level compensator Type: Centered dual-axis
Accuracy: 0.5” (0.15 mgon)
Range: ±5.4' (±100 mgon)
Servo system MagDrive servo technology, integrated servo/angle sensor; electromagnetic direct drive
Rotation speed 115 degrees/s (128 gon/s)
Rotation time Face 1 to Face 2 2.6 s
Positioning speed180 degrees (200 gon) 2.6 s
Clamps and slow motions Servo-driven, endless fine adjustment
Centering Centering system: Trimble 3-pin
Optical plummet: Built-in optical plummet
Magnification/shortest focusing distance: 2.3×/0.5 m to infinity (1.6 ft to infinity
Telescope Magnification: 30×
Aperture: 40 mm (1.57 in)
Field of view at 100 m (328 ft): 2.6 m at 100 m (8.5 ft at 328 ft)
Shortest focusing distance: 1.5 m (4.92 ft) to infinity
Illuminated crosshair: Variable (10 steps)
Autofocus Standard
Tracklight built in Not available in all models
Operating temperature –20º C to +50º C (–4º F to +122º F)
Dust and water proofing IP55
Humidity 100% condensing
Power supply Internal battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 11.1 V, 5.0 Ah
Operating time One internal battery: Approx. 6.5 hours
Three internal batteries in multi-battery adapter: Approx. 18 hours
Robotic holder with one internal battery. 13.5 hours
Operating time with video robotic One battery: 5.5 hours
Three batteries in multi-battery adapter: 17 hours
Instrument (Robotic) 5.25 kg (11.57 lb)
Tribrach 0.7 kg (1.54 lb)
Internal battery 0.35 kg (0.77 lb)
Trunnion axis height 196 mm (7.71 in)
Communication USB, Serial, Bluetooth
Security Dual-layer password protection
Autolock and Robotic range Passive prisms: 500–700 m (1,640–2,297 ft)
Trimble MultiTrack Target: 800 m (2,625 ft)
Autolock pointing precision at 200 m (656 ft) (standard deviation)
Passive prisms <2 mm (0.007 ft)
Trimble MultiTrack™ Target <2 mm (0.007 ft)
Shortest search distance 0.2 m (.65 ft)
Search time (typical) 2–10 s
Pointing precision at 300 m (980 ft) (standard deviation) <1 mm (0.003 ft)
Range to passive prisms (min–max): 20 m–700 m (64 ft–2,297 ft)
Minimum spacing between prisms at 200 m (656 ft): 0.8 m (2.625 ft)
Long Range (not available in all models) Pointing precision at 2,500 m (8,200 ft) (standard deviation): <10 mm (0.039 ft)
Range to passive prisms (min.–max.) 20 m–2,500 m (64 ft–8,200 ft)
Minimum spacing between prisms
at 2,500 m (8,200 ft)

<10.0 m (32.808 ft)
GPS Search/geolock with Trimble Multitrack Target
GPS Search/GeoLock 360 degrees (400 gon)
Solution acquisition time 15–30 s
Target re-acquisition time <3 s
Range Autolock and Robotic range limits