GSSI Terravision 14 x 400Mhz Multi-CH GPR

GSSI Terravision 14 x 400Mhz Multi-CH GPR


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GSSI Terravision 14 x 400Mhz Multichannel GPR in good working order

Fully tested system, very good condition, light scratches from normal use, does not affect functionality, All channels working well. calibrate and 90 day warranty.

A research paper was published on this system which goes into details of it. Paper can be found on science direct. Journal of Applied Geophysics. Title of paper - ”3-D high resolution multi-channel radar investigation of a roman village in Northern Italy”.

- GSSI 14 Terravision x 400Mhz Antennas, spaced at 12cm giving a total scan width of 1.68m. 
- Control unit
- 14 x 400Mhz Antenna set
- Panasonic Toughbook with all the required software to collect and post process data (Terravision, Radan, etc). 
- PC Network Card
- Battery cable
- Chargers