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Leica ScanStation P16 3D Laser Scanning

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New Leica ScanStation P16 3D Laser Scanning  - 2 year Manufacturer Warranty.
1M points / sec. Range 40 m, characterized by speed, accuracy, scope and level details of data.

Leica ScanStation P16 3D Laser Scanning Includes:
• 1x ScanStation P16 (827496)
• 1x GVP645 carrying case (769625)
• 1x GDF321 Tribrach (777,508)
• 4x Battery GEB242 (793,975)
• 1x Charger GKL311 Prof 3000 (799 185)
• 1x GEV228 Cable (766567)
• 1x Quick ScanStation P16
• 1x USB stick ScanStation P16
• Cyclone 1x CD (755 609)
• 1 year contract CCP Basic (6009460)

- Based on technology-enhanced time Digitising Waveform (WFD) the flight ScanStation P20 has a scan rate of up to 1 million pts / sec at a maximum distance of 120m.
- The combination of measurements with low noise and high precision angular with the dual-axis compensator makes the data offered by this team are guaranteed high quality.
- An operating temperature range of -20 ° C to +50 ° C and IP54 makes this team a Laser Scanner for extended use in harsh environmental conditions.

Quality data
3D high quality data and imágnes HDR (High Dynamic Range) at a rate of 1 million points per second with ranges of up to 270 m (P40). The angular range and unsurpassed accuracy, low noise and dual axis compensation form the basis for 3D point clouds color with high detail and clarity own real world.

Complete scanning solution
The catch taken in the Leica ScanStation P30 and P40 can be processed in the software suite 3D point cloud, which is a reference in the sector and is made up of independent software Leica Cyclone, tools plug-in Leica CloudWorx for CAD software and systems Leica TruView free.

Industrial plants
Quick scan of the plant to simplify the tasks of reform and redesign. Both plants on land or sea, the P20 is rugged laser scanner for any working conditions.
Documentation easy to control construcón phases of a project. With the precision of 3D data and 3D CAD data it is possible to control the process to avoid costly errors or delays in construction.
Architecture & Heritage
Any place can be easily scanned for further analysis of the estructrura or historical documentation if instead of cultural heritage.
Forensic Documentation
Within seconds you can make an Escanero precisod crime scene or accident for investigation and reconstruction. The HDS technology is not invasive and does not alter the environment so that no evidence is useful in these cases.
Surveying and civil engineering
Scanning roads, intersections and bridges in high resolution. High accuracy data and dense point clouds combined with processing software makes it easier than ever survey work.

Leica Scan-Station P16 Datasheet