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Leica ScanStation C10 3D laser scanner

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2014 Leica HDS ScanStation C10 3D laser scanner complete set
With up to 300m range and unequalled versatility for site, exterior, and interior applications, the Leica ScanStation C10 makes High-Definition Surveying™ (HDS™) profitable for even more as-built, topographic, incident scene, and monitoring surveys.

manufacture: 2014
Condition: demo used only and still in perfect condition.
New Calibration and Fresh 1 year manufacture warranty..!!
Leica Cyclone software license for Scan-Laptop installed, ready to work FULL!!

Leica ScanStation C10 3D laser scanner Includes:
- 1X Leica ScanStation C10 with tribrach
- 1X Leica hard case
- 1X Battery charger
- 4X batteries
- 8X targets with 3 soft cases
- 8X rods with tripods and bags.
- 1X Padded backpack also included. Backpack makes safe transport to work locations much easier than using hard case.
- 1X Windy 31 Wireless Router - for connection to iPad or iPhone
- 1X Cyclone 7.1 CD
- 1X Reshaper CD

Brochure: Leica ScanStation C10 3D laser scanner

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