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Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation CS15 Used

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2013 Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation CS15 Used - Robotic total station built in 3D scanner.
lightly used, still in perfect condition.
TS SmartWorx license key, TS Imaging license.
Fresh Calibration..!! mergeTEC not only merges the technologies it also merges the data.

- Integrated scanning of every detail
- Proven technology for unmatched versatility
- Image assistance for every situation
- Solution for an unprecedented range of applications

Leica Nova MS50 1" MultiStation CS15 Used Includes:
- 1x Leica Nova MS50 1" (0.3mgon), MultiStation with reflectorless EDM (R2000) and high-speed 1000Hz EDM
- 1x TS SmartWorx Viva license key
- 1x TS Imaging License
- 2x GEB242, Large Li-Ion Battery 14.8V/5.8Ah (with pro charger Included) for MS/TS/TM50 instruments
- 1x MSD08, SD memory card 8GB for Leica Nova and Leica Viva TPS instruments and Controllers
- 1x GDF321, Professional Tribrach without Optical Plummet
- 1x TPS Robotic Container
- 1x RH16 Radio Handle with Integrated BT module

CS15 Field Controller includes:
- 1x CS15 3.5G Field Controller.
Ruggedized WinCE field controller
with full VGA touch display, 1GB NAND
Flash Memory, 512MB SDRAM, CF/SD card
slot and 2MP camera. Includes
Bluetooth, internal WLAN module,
3.5G GSM/UMTS module, QWERTY keypad,
stylus and CBC02 DSUB Connector module with power jack, DSUB 9-pin, USB and USB Mini AB for CS10 & CS15 field controller
- 1x SmartWorX Viva license key
- 1x CS Reference Line app
- 1x Smartworx Viva Stakeout app
- 1x Smartworx Viva Traverse App
- 1x Smartworx Viva Imaging License
- 1x CTR16 Communication Cap for CS15
- 1x battery chargers for CS15
- 1x case for CS15

Comes as shown in the pictures
Leica Nova MS50 Datasheet