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Spectra GL722 Dual Slope Grade Laser

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New Spectra GL722 Dual Slope Grade Laser with Receiver and Remote - 1 year Manufacturer Warranty.

    · Long range full remote control
    · Planelok for stability and accuracy
    · Grade matching
    · Automatic axis alignment get to grade faster and with more accuracy
    · Grade range: +/-10% in the X axis; 0.5 to +25% in the Y axis
    · Accuracy up to 900m (3000ft) diameter

    · General construction
    · Site preparation
    · Trenching
    · Pipe laying
    · Road construction
    · Machine control

Spectra GL722 Dual Slope Grade Laser Package includes:
- 1X Spectra GL722 Dual Slope Laser
- 1X HL700 Receiver or CR600 Receiver with Mount and Rod Clamp
- 1X Radio remote control
- 1X NiMH Rechargeable Batteries and Charger
- 1X Interior Power Cord to plug in the wall
- 1X Exterior Power Cord to attach to the car battery
- 1X Receiver Manual
- 1X Laser Manual
- 1X Laser Card
- 1X Hard Waterproof Carrying Case
- 1X Manual
- 1X 1 year manufacturers warranty

Brochure: Spectra GL722 Dual Slope Grade Laser