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Used Leica GPS GX1230 GG Base and Rover RTK

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Used Leica GPS GX1230GG Base and Rover RTK Complete Kit.

manufacture: 2008
Condition: used, very good condition.
It has New calibration by Leica authorized dealer

Used Leica GPS GX1230 GG Base and Rover RTK Includes:
- 2x GX1230GG  GPS/GLONASS Dual Frequency RTK Receivers
- 2x AX1202GG Dual Frequency GPS Antenna
- 1x RX1210T GPS1200 Controller with Touch Screen + stylus
- 1x GDF112, Basic Tribrach
- 1x Card  Reader
- 1x 256MB compact Flash card
- 1x Leica Geo Office including Autocad Export USB dongle
- 1x Height Hook
- 1x Carrier
- 1x GEV163 cable
- 2x GFU24 GSM/GPRS modem
- 2x GAT 3 antennas
- 4x GEB221 batteries
- 1x Carbon Fibre pole together with Grip, holder and clamp
- 1x Minipack
- 1x Smartworx V8.5
- assorted cables
- Hard carrying case