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Leica GS09 GNSS RTK Base and Rover

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Leica GS09 GNSS RTK Base and Rover - GLONASS.
compatible with both GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations the GS09 provides a simple positioning tool suitable for basic construction and land surveying.

manufacture: 2011
Condition: used, very good condition
CS09 Controller Bundle Performance: Glonass, 5Hz, Raw Data Logging, RTK unlimited, NRTK, Ref Setup, RTCM/CMR Input
GLONASS satellite

Leica GS09 GNSS RTK Base and Rover Includes:
- 2X 769646 2011 GS09 GPS/Glonass Antenna for CS09 Controller
- 1X 769647 2010 CS09 WinCE Controller
- 1X 733270 Leica GEB221 Li-ION Batteries
- 3X 772806 Leica GEB212 Li-ION Batteries
- 1X 667308 Leica GDF112 Tribrach with Optical Plummet
- 1X 667216 Leica GRT146 Tribrach Adapter
- 1X 748418 GEV205 6Ft Y-Cable for RTK Reference Setup
- 2X 636959 Leica 2.8 m Antenna Cable
- 1X 667244 Leica GZS4-1 Height Hook
- 2X 733280 Leica GVP623 hard container
- 1X SAN32MB 32MB CF card
- 1X 733264 GHT56 holder for GS09 and GFU
- 1X 767880 GHT63 Clamp Arrangement for attaching the GHT56 to pole
- 2X 767859 GFU14-1 Satelline 3AS RX/TX Radio GFU housing
- 2X 667243 Leica GAT2 Antenna
- 1X 733271 GKL221Pro Battery Charger
- 2X 733323 GDI221 Charging Tray adapter for GKL221
- 1X 727367 GEB171 External Battery
- 1X SEC5125-20-FLY Seco Snap-Lock Aluminum rover Pole