FARO Focus S70 Scanner Full Working Order

FARO Focus S70 Scanner


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FARO Focus S70 Scanner, in full working order, System sold as is in full working order

Manufacture: 2018
Condition: The scanner is used and is in full working order
Calibrated and re-certification by FARO.

S70 Features:
Advanced features
    On-Site Compensation.
    On-Site Registration.
    Rescanning of Distant Targets.

Robust performance and repeatable measurement
    High accuracy.
    IP54 water and dust resistant
    Operates in darkness or bright sunlight

 Features & Benefits
    Easy, immediate, and repeatable results
    Compact design, low weight
    High-Speed Dynamic Measurement for moving or scanning application and real time adjustment.

The ultra-portable FARO Laser Scanner FocusS 70 enables fast, straight-forward and ultra-high accurate measurements of objects and buildings.

It records architectural façades, complex structures, production and supply facilities, accident sites, and large-volume components delivering realistic and true-to-detail scan results with a range of 70m per scan.

FARO S70 sale includes:
- Faro Focus S70 3D Laser Scanner (S/N: LLS081813369)
- Tripod adapter
- 2 x batteries
- Battery charger
- Hard carry case