Faro EDGE 9ft Laser ScanArm in mint condition

Selling Used Faro EDGE 9ft with Laser ScanArm in mint condition, 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty, License Polyworks & CAM2 Software and Maintenance Contract


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Faro EDGE 7-axis, 9ft Portable CMM Arm with Laser Scanner and Tripod

in mint condition, calibrated, and ready to go to work
comes with Dell Precision M6600 Windows 7/64 bit laptop, I7, 8gb ram, loaded with Polyworks/Inspector V12 & Cam 2 Measure 10 Software

Faro EDGE 9ft Laser ScanArm Sale Includes:

    Faro 9ft. Edge Arm
    LLP Scanner
    Faro Power Cord
    USB Connector Cable
    Custom Shipping Case
    Portable Storage Case
    Probing Handle Attachment
    Accessories Case (Edge Manual CD, Faro Drivers CD)
    Probe Case (1x 6mm Probing Tip, 3mm Probing Tip)
    SPAT Nest
    Mounting Plate
    LLP calibration Plate
    Dust Cover
    Faro Heavy Duty Tripod
    connecting mount and heavy duty tripod travel case.
    Dell Precision M6600 Laptop (Polyworks/Inspector V12 & Cam 2 Measure 10 Software)

EDGE Arm and Stylus:
S/N E09-05-13-11040 (Mfg Date May 14, 2013)

Laser Probe:
S/N LLP001412424 (Cert Date: December 8, 2014)


The FARO Edge and Edge ScanArm represent the latest generation of the FaroArm product line. As the most advanced portable measurement arm FARO has ever produced, the Edge eclipses competitive models in every category. There is no comparable alternative product for the shop floor. Industry leading features make the Edge and Edge ScanArm the ideal tools for companies constrained by the limitations of fixed CMMs and other portable measurement arms and scanners.

  • 1.8m to 3.7m (6 ft. to 12 ft.) spherical working volume
  • Accuracy from 0.024mm (0.0009 in.) to 0.064mm (0.0025 in.)
  • Intuitive on-board measurement system: Built-in touchscreen computer; QuickTools; Laptop-free basic measurements
  • Smart Sensor Technology: Sensors warn against factors that compromise performance
  • Internal Counterbalance: Provides comfortable, stress-free usage
  • Temperature Sensors: Allow the arm to react to thermal variations for maximum portability and accuracy