Sokkia GRX2 Dual Base and Rover RTK

Sokkia GRX2 Dual Base and Rover RTK


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Sokkia GRX2 Dual Base and Rover RTK, 226 GNSS channel - Dual high frequency antenna.

manufacture: 2013
Condition: demo used only, excellent condition.
GRX2's with GPS + GLONASS (mint unit like new)
Sokkia S10 field controller installed Carlson Survey Software (cell phone capabilities, and camera).

    226 GNSS channels
    Dual high-frequency antenna
    Built-in Bluetooth
    Compatible with MAGNET Software
    RTK rover operations
    UHFII 440-470
    Voice navigation
    7.5-hour battery life
    Water resistant and dustproof to IP-67

Sokkia GRX2 Dual Base and Rover RTK Includes:
- 2X Sokkia GRX2 GNSS Receiver
- 1X 9-pin serial cable
- 1X 100mm Height Adapter
- 1X 3m HI Tape
- 1X Bayonet adapter
- 1X Tribrach with optical plummet
- 1X Optical plummet adapter
- 2X UHF 410-440 antenna
- 4X Removable Battery
- 1X Sokkia S10 field controller kit
- 2X Chargers
- 1X Tribrach
- 1X Serial Cable
- 1X Tripod Base leveling product
- 1X Tripod Cane
- 1X 2.00m Pole
- 1X Hard-Case for Transportation