Leica RTC360 HDR 3D Laser Scanner

Leica RTC360 HDR 3D Laser Scanner


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Leica RTC360 HDR 3D Laser Scanner.
HDR 3D Laser Scanner, set up is in GREAT condition and ready to go to work. Latest and the best Leica scanners on the market

2019 model and very clean barely used, has Firmware Version 3.0. with a current CCP until 7/2022. 
This system collects 2 million point per second with a range of 130m meters. 
This unit is very light and easy to transport.
It will come as shown in the pictures.

- RTC 3D Laser Scanner 
- GVP730 hard carrying case 
- GEB361 batteries (4) 
- GKL341 Multicharger Pro 
- RTC360 Flash Drive- 256GB (2) 
- RTC360 Rain Cover 
- RTC360 Quick Guide
- RTC360 System USB Card
- 1 year RTC360 CCP Basic (Customer Care Package)