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FARO Focus 3D X 30 Laser Scanner

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New FARO Focus 3D X 30 Laser Scanner - 1 year Manufacturer Warranty

Focus3D X30 Features:
    Distance accuracy up to ±2mm
    Range from 0.6m up to 30m
    Measurement speed: up to 976,000 points/second
    Ranging error: ± 2mm
    Laser class: Laser class 1
    Weight: 5.2kg
    Multi-Sensor: Compass, Height Sensor, Dual Axis Compensator
    Size: 240 x 200 x 100mm
    Scanner control: via touchscreen display and WLAN

FARO Focus 3D X 30 Laser Scanner Includes:
- 1X Focus3D-X30, with Compass, Altimeter (barometer), Dual-axis Compensator and WLAN
- 1X PowerBlock Battery
- 1X Power Supply
- 1X 32GB SD Card
- 1X SD Card Reader
- 1X SD Card Cover
- 1X Rugged Transport Case
- 1 License SCENE Software
- 1 Year Maintenance Contract for SCENE Software


FARO Focus-3D Laser Scanning Overview