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Topcon GPT-9003A Robotic Total Station

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Topcon GPT-9003A 3" Robotic Total Station Reflectorless with FC-2500 + RC-3R.
auto-tracking Total Station 3 "(1mgon) with integrated radio module, reflectorless measurement up to 2,000m!

manufacture: 2010
Condition: lightly used, excellent condition.
New Calibration..!!
X-TRAC 7, One man Surveying.
FC-2500 Data Collector running WinCE Software, RC-3R integrated radio module.

Topcon GPT-9003A Robotic Total Station Package includes:
- 1X Topcon GPT-9003A 3" Reflectorless Total Station
- 2X of BT-65Q, Li-Ion battery rechargeable
- 1X piece BC-30D Double charger BT-65Q
- 1XTripod
- 1X Carrying Case
- Port and USB mini USB
- Small parts, tool, cloth and raincover

- 1X Topcon RC-3R, optical remote control complete set (radio module, RC-3H for total station, RC-3R for prism pole, Bluetooth, 10 channels, Fast Find 400m range, Li-Ion battery + charger)
- 1X Topcon FC-2500 Data Collector + WinCE Software (Wi-Fi, Serial interface RS-232C, USB interface, Bluetooth, Li-Ion battery + charger, Water and dust protection: IP66, Color display, Passivate stylus for touch screen).

- RS-1 clip-on radio module (wireless broadband) for FC-200/2500
- Holder with clamp rod
- TopSURV module and tachymeter Robotics, Field Surveying Software
- TopconLink, office for software PC

Also includes:
- A7R3 round prism
- Height adapter for A7R3 permanently installed
- pole Carbon 2,5 M.