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3D Scanner Artec Spider 3D-Scanning

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New 3D scanner Artec Spider - Official 2 year warranty

    Destination: 3D-scanning small items, reverse-engineering, quality control
    Capturing texture
    Light source: blue LED
    Resolution: 30 microns
    No extra marks

3D-scanner Artec Spider - a handheld device to scan with high resolution and accurate data capture. It is the best solution to digitize small objects whose size can be compared with a pen or matchbox. The decision to buy a 3D Scanner Artec Spider would be justified for a wide range of tasks in such fields as medicine, museum, design, manufacturing, reverse engineering, quality control. Movie mode allows you to shoot dynamic objects.

Technology of 3D-scanning
Optical: Using a light source and optical cameras
Light source: Blue LED
Camera Resolution: 1.3 megapixel

Properties of 3D-scanning
Transfer color: Yes
Capture textures: Yes
3D-Resolution: 0.1 mm
Accuracy: 0.1 mm
Scan speed: 40 million polygons
Scan Area: from 90x70 mm to 180x140 mm
Operating distance from the subject: 0.17 - 0.35 m
The angle of triangulation: 30 x 21 °

Software: Artec Studio
Output format: OBJ, STL, WRML, ASCII, AOP, CSV, PTX, PLY, E57
Interface: 1hUSB2.0
Supported operating systems: Windows 7 or Windows 8 - x64

Dimensions of the device
Dimensions: 190x140x130 mm
Weight: 0.85 kg

- 3D-scanner Artec Spider
- 1 License of Artec Studio V.10 Software (yearly subscription)
- All power and USB cords
- Pelican Hard Case


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