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GEOMAX Zoom80R 5 Robotic Total Station

Total Stations

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GEOMAX Zoom80R 5" A10 R400 robotic Total Station
technologically advanced motorised total stations that scout, track, and aim reflectors fully automatically

manufacture: 2013
Condition: lightly used, excellent condition.
New Calibration..!!

This is a full Robotic Total Station, EDM: R400, All GeoMax instruments are manufactured in Switzerland.
Also included is a 360 degree prism with carry case and ruggedized hand-held computer running Windows.
This instrument has the A10 mode.

STReAM 360
Scout -finds your passive prism fully automatically
TRack - continously follows your prism
AiM - highest precision aiming at your prism -any time, any condition with constantly high accuracy

GEOMAX Zoom80R 5 Robotic Total Station Includes:
- GEOMAX Zoom80R 5" A10 R400
- Tribrach with Laser Plummett
- Radio Handle, Battery, AC/DC Charger
- Allegro Mx Data Collector, Cradle, and Clamp
- Carlson CurvCE Robotic Software
- plus 360 deg. Prism