FARO VANTAGE Laser Tracker

FARO VANTAGE Laser Tracker


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FARO VANTAGE Laser Tracker - excellent condition, Fresh Calibration Certificate + 1 year Manufacturer Warranty.

Manufacture: 2014
Condition: Excellent, like new with no blemishes.
PolyWorks 2014 and CAM2 Measurement licensed software disk included.
Full calibration and recertification by FARO (will sent to customer with Fresh Calibration).

Advanced, accurate, and versatile laser trackers
The FARO Laser Tracker is an extremely accurate, portable coordinate measuring machine that enables you to build products, optimize processes, and deliver solutions by measuring quickly, simply and precisely.

Customers around the world trust the FARO Laser Tracker to solve their everyday measurement challenges as well as their most complex problems that simply weren’t previously possible.

Companies are saving millions of dollars by completing jobs faster, reducing downtime, eliminating costly scrap, and getting accurate, consistent, and reportable measurement data.

With the new and improved TrackArm technology, users can unite the Laser Tracker with the FaroArm into a long-reach, 6-degree-of-freedom probe.

FARO Vantage Laser Tracker:
- 1x FARO Vantage TruADM Tracker IP52 Instrument Head (Manufactured November 2013, last calibrated on November 15, 2013)
- 1x FARO Master Control Unit (MCU) (Manufactured November 2013)
- 1x FARO Vantage Mandel Quick Release Mount
- 1x Portable Tripod for FARO Laser Tracker with Wheels
- 2x FARO 1.5” Standard Accuracy Break Resistant SMR

- 1x MCU to Tracker Head Cable (10m length)
- 1x MCU Power Cable (10amp 125V)
- 1x CAT5E Crossover Cable
- 1x Air Temperature Sensor, 5 pin (10m length)
- 1x Cable Cover (10m length)

- 1x Vantage Head Hard Case Measures 26.75” (L)x18” (W)x20.5” (H) With 4x removable wheels
- 1x Vantage MCU Hard Case Measures 26.75” (L)x18” (W)x19.5” (H)
- 1x Vantage Rollaboard Portable encasement for Vantage Tracker MCU. Allows fast, easy transport of the controller. Contains extension handle and wheels.
- 1x Vantage Laser Tracker Backpack, contains main compartment that holds MCU, Target Test Kit and Cable bag with securing foam. Compartments available for accessories and mandrel.
- 1x Tuffpak 1250 Tripod Case with Wheels

- 1x Manfrotto 055XDB Aluminum Tripod                                                          
- 1x Surebond Hot Glue Gun 6x Extra Glue Sticks
- 1x SAE Target Tooling Kit with Softcase.
Soft case set includes:
6x        1.5” MetrologyWorks SMR Drift Nests
o   6x        Magnetic Cones Set
o   2x        1.5” Pin Nests NEG 1/8” & 1/4” Pin
o   1x        1.5” Shankless Nest with Negative Cut
o   1x        1.5” Large End Adapter
o   1x        5” Bar Extension
o   1x        10” Bar Extension
o   1x        Hard Point
o   1x        0.5” Construction Ball with 0.25” shank
o   1x        Tooling Ball Adapter
o   1x        Pin Nest for Bar Extension with 0.25” shank
o   1x        Offset plate 3”x2”x0.25” with .25” Dia Hole
o   2x        1.5” Negative Drift Nest
o   1x        Center Punch Adapter with Transfer Punch
o   1x        Pole Adapter
o   1x        Magnetic handle for .5” SMR

- 1x FARO SMR Carrying Case (Otter Box 2500) Rugged storage case for SMRs. Holds up to 3x SMRs of various sizes
- 1x FARO Tracker Dust Cover
- 1x FARO Master Control Unit (MCU) Dust Cover
- 1x ENCON Safety Glasses
- 1x FARO Vantage Assembly Instructions Booklet