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Trimble S6-3 Robotic Total Station

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Trimble S6 3" DR 300+ Robotic Total Station with TSC2 Internal 2.4 GHz Radio.
Full Calibration and Firmware Update, 3 Second Accuracy (with Autolock, Laser, Robotic), 2.4 GHz Internal Radio with Antenna.

manufacture: 2010
Condition: used, excellent condition.
New Calibration..!!
TSC2 Data Collector: 12.50 Survey Controller Software, GNSS, TS, and Advanced Geodetic Support Enabled. Internal 2.4 GHz Radio with Antenna

Trimble S6-3 Robotic Total Station Includes:
- 1X Trimble S6 3" with DR 300+Robotic Total Station
- 1X 360 Prism (MT1000 also available upon request)
- 1X Trimble S6 Hard Transport Case
- 1X Trimble TSC2 Data Collector (Rod Mounting Bracket, Charger, Stylus, Rod Bracket, 2 Screen Protectors, USB Cable)
- 3X S6 Rechargeable Batteries
- 1X Trimble Multi-Battery Adapter
- 1X Hirose Data Cable
- 1X Hirose to USB Data Cable
- 1X 5 Bay Charger with Power Supply

- 1X New Seco Trimax Tripod
- 1X New Seco Carbon Fiber Robotic Pole
- 1X New Seco Bipod